Körber-Risak Rechtsanwalts GmbH advises on labor law
Arbeitsrecht, Litigation, Laufende Beratung von Unternehmen im individuellen und kollektiven Arbeitsrecht, Geschäftsführer- und Managerdienstverträge, Arbeitszeitrecht, Arbeitnehmerdatenschutz, Beratung zu Lohn- und Sozialdumping, Ärztliches Berufsrecht, Vertretung von Unternehmen und Managern vor Behörden und Gerichten, Schadenersatzrecht, Arzthaftung, Bauprozesse
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Employment law


Ongoing consultation of companies with regard to individual and collective employment and labor law:

  • Collective bargaining law (application of collective agreements, alteration of agreements, entry and exit from voluntary labor organizations, classifications etc.)
  • Employment contracts and freelance employment contracts
  • Wages and variable remuneration models
  • Consultation and support with the termination of employment relationships (including representation before courts and public authorities)
  • Employee data protection (guidelines, declarations of consent, data protection audits etc.)
  • Support in the drafting of company business agreements
  • Assistance and support at social partner and works council negotiations
  • Agreements on posting of employees
  • Distinguishing between terms of employment
  • Structuring of deployments and cross border outsourcing
  • Employee liability
  • Law for the Health Care Profession
  • Advice on “GPLA” audits (common audit of wage related levies) (especially changes made to employment contracts, underpayment, etc.)

Managing directors and Managers

  • Drafting and reviewing of manager employment contracts
  • Consultation concerning D&O liability insurance
  • Remuneration models
  • Advice on the termination of manager employment contracts
  • Representation before courts and public authorities (administrative criminal proceedings, compensation and dismissal lawsuits)

Working hours (Employee contract law)

  • Development of working time models
    • Models for calculating working hours
    • Flexible working hours
    • Shift models
  • Special overtime
  • Conception of company agreements
  • Advice concerning maximum working hours etc.
  • Recruitment of responsible representatives
  • Support during work inspections
  • Support and representation at administrative criminal proceedings

Other employee protection

  • Advice on compliance-issues, establishment of control systems
  • Advice on wage and social dumping issues
  • Work-related accidents

More areas of law

Company law

  • Foundation of partnerships and incorporated companies
  • Support at shareholder meetings
  • Implementation of capital measures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Registering a company/ Making alterations to the Company Register (changes at the shareholder level, exchange of managing directors, charter amendments, etc.)

Private Clients / asset succession

  • Private foundations law (establishment, ongoing support as well as liquidation of private foundations
  • Drafting of last wills and testaments
  • Advice on probate proceedings
  • Advice on adult representation matters
  • Drafting, deposition and alteration of health care proxies

Data protection law

  • General consultation concerning the “DSGVO” (basic data protection regulation)
  • Performance of data protection audits
  • Support in the drafting of declarations of consent, directory of processing activities, Data-Breach reports, etc.

Property and real estate law

  • Acquisition and sale of properties, real estates, apartments, “superaedificates” (building on land owned by someone else), building rights, etc.
  • Consultation and performance of transactions related to properties
  • Transfer of properties
  • Registering land/Making alterations to the Land Register (e.g. deletion / registration of easements, charges, rights of residence, usufructuary rights)
  • Advice and support in land- use proceedings
  • Partitioning of properties (write ups/write downs)
  • Acquisition of trusteeships
  • Handling of real estate projects
  • Sales contracts
  • Gift deeds
  • Tenancy and residence law
    • Especially related to “MRG/WGG/ABGB” apartments
    • Support with the conclusion and termination of tenancy contracts
    • Review of heating and operating cost statements
    • Consultation concerning the maintenance requirements set out in lease agreements
  • Rental of commercial premises/business lease agreements


  • Representation in courts of all kinds
  • Representation before administrative authorities and courts (especially issues concerning wage and social dumping, breach of working hours agreements, reclassification of independent/dependent employment relationships
  • Compensation and warranty lawsuits
  • Medical liability
  • Construction damage
  • Representation in civil and/or administration disputes related to the transaction of properties
  • Company law disputes